Inflight Lewis's

I’ve forever been trying to get some closeup shots of a lewis’s woodpecker which I rarely see. Well, I got lucky yesterday morning and found a cooperating lewis’s that let me blast away.

Specific Feedback Requested

Cropping? Anything?

Technical Details

Z9, Nikon 200-500 lens, hand held, 1/3200th, f 8.0, 525mm, ISO 800, cropped to 2571 x 1893, Topaz Photo AI


Beautiful photo, Dave. What a treat for me as we don’t have the species of woodpecker here in the Texas hill country. Great action shot with great detail with the perfect blue sky to set him off. Nicely seen and captured.

Excellent flight shot of this species, Dave. A hard to find one here as well and woodpeckers are always difficult to get int he air.

What a very cool bird. You’ve caught it so beautifully to show off those markings and coloration. Fabulous.

Wonderful subject, very well captured!

I missed this one apparently, but have been busy on and off. Anyway, a wonderful capture of an amazing species. Congrats on the shot, ánd on the EP ! Cheers, Hans