Lewis' Woodpecker

Eastern Oregon
7D2, Sigma 150-600mmC@600mm, F8, 1/2000, ISO 800, tripod, ground blind
Thanks for any comments or suggestions, Dave

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I’ve always loved the looks of this woodpecker (and only seen one once). You did a very good jb in what looks like some pretty bright light. You might want to bring down the brightness on the perch a bit as it competes pretty strongly with the bird.

Hi David, a nice profile view of this impressive species. Nice details and background. You handled the strong light well - do agree with Dennis about bringing the brightness of the perch down some.

Well composed and excellent detail. Perhaps a little more room on the bottom and a darker perch.

Lovely image of the bird. Nice details, color and exposure. Same perch and same problem as the northern flicker from a week or so ago. The perch luminance really draws the attention of the viewer away from the main subject.