Inside View


I think this shot is magical, and otherworldly. What a prize. I would not change a thing if this were mine. Well done.

This really caught my eye. It is beautiful with its soft colors, and unusual in its shape. I love all the fine detail, especially the little white specks against the green. It almost looks like a pencil drawing. Is there a certain filter you used?

Thanks Dave and Mark for commenting. I forgot to put techs in introduction. Taken with Canon SX60 (probably in macro mode), F4.5, 1/320 sec., ISO 100. Cropped for composition, and usual adjustments… don’t believe any other filters used.


Patricia, this is a fabulous image! Very beautiful. I wouldn’t change a thing. Did you focus stack to get so much of the green in focus?

Tony. Have never focus stacked and wouldn’t know where to begin. No filters used. Thanks for looking.


This is amazing, Patricia! You have the sharpness right where it needs to be and the color palette is lovely. I also like your chosen POV as it makes the center of the flower appear to be playing hide and seek among the petals. Beautifully done IMO.

Most beautiful, Patricia ! The delicacy of the hues and the graphic quality are first rate !

Patricia, this is really beautiful, what a great example of using selective focus to direct the viewers eye. If you didn’t use focus stacking, then you absolutely nailed the DOF of the pod. Every that needs to be is tack sharp. I love the processing and colors here too. Great image. :+1:

Beautiful image, very attractive. I love the background created by the petals. Splendid!..

Patricia: I haven’t had an image spike my :scream:meter in a while but this one certainly does. Besides the sheer beauty of it I really appreciate the challenges and rewards of single capture. Beautiful and superbly crafted image.>=))>

Gorgeous image with just the right amount in focus. I love it and especially the linear effect in the BG. That sets off the center perfectly.


Patricia, I had to commit, because you have stepped inside to bring out a natural beauty rarely seen. No commits on the technical and artistic aspect because you nailed it.

Wow, Patricia, I really love this image.

Aesthetically, this is captivating. That green object in the center dominates my attention with it’s weird form. You balanced the complimentary colors very well.

Your superb technique really captures it well - the framing of it with the blurry petals, the tight focus on the central object, and the slightly bright exposure. All excellent.

The only critique I have is that I feel like the foreground petals at bottom center need to converge or overlap to better support the subject, but absolutely not a deal breaker. Just a personal preference.

Overall, great image!

Pat, this is an amazing image. The details are impressive and the surrounding petals with their soft lines of different hues make this magical and very reminiscent of a painting.


Oh my, this is just gorgeous, fantastic… even painterly. and no filters eh? Amazing.

What is really amazing too is the light. Bright and airy and even some soft shadows in the green.

Wow. Print it.


Your fantasy, elegance, taste for colors, love for flowers everything converge in this splendid image. It has your signature. Patricia now that I have taken the camera in my hands again after two years I am trying to be back progressively.

You have been missed and I, personally, am anxiously awaiting your images, comments, critiques and suggestions.