Into the West

Since we already had an image from Faroe Islands in this weekly challenge, I’m gonna say this is the ultimate hero-shot spot for me in whole Faroes. This location really ask for a human figure there, but since I was there completely alone I had to do it myself. The conditions were on the less epic side that Faroe Islands are famous for, but I still decided to give it a go. Title is a song reference, but more of a pun. :wink:

Specific Feedback Requested

None, really. This was more fun / memory type of shot, rather than an artistic endeavor. If you, however, have something to say - feel free. :slight_smile:

Technical Details

Shot on a tripod with a countdown timer.


Love the mood Andrzej. Beautiful tones and colours. Great comp.

You’re right that a person was needed here and I like the immediacy you brought by putting yourself there. I’m not sure I’d be so brave. The image has a dual quality as well - the ominous clouds but the sense of clearing in the foreground and the brightness of the water. Seems a bit too much of a vignette to me. I’ve never been to the Faroes, but this is a nice way to get me to think about them.

The gentle fading of colors, bottom to top, look great. The big S curve of the water makes the sense of depth very strong. I think this would also look great without the human, since the bit of land that you’re standing on points right at the big S. The human figure makes the “story” a bit different, but works well also.