Summer Storm

As the tide came roaring in, it created a bit of a waterfall in the opening between the rocks, the approaching storm adding to the feel of mystery.
On our two week stay in the Faroe Islands, this was one of my favorite spots to photograph.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback welcomed!

Technical Details

Tripod. 1/4sec, f/16, ISO100, quick edit in Lightroom only.


Wow. An absolutely stunning image! The combination of the storm clouds, the lighting on the rock and then the water flowing into the foreground make this an absolutely beautiful image. I’m curious, the water in the center of the flow has a brownish tinge to it. Is that the light after the storm or the water color. I also wonder if you lightened up the rock on the left if it give the image a little more balance.
Wonderful shot.

That is one beautiful image you have there. Well done.

I can see why that’s a favorite place! Those are wonderful sea stacks, and I really like the sweep of the tidal flow leading into the image. The sky is a nice and complimentary background. I’m enjoying this one.

Thank you John_Moses, StephenPrunier and John_Williams for the kind words. John, thank you for your feedback; yes, the water in the center is dark, as their is rock beneath it, as well as refection from the sky. I did light that section up a bit and cooled it down a bit, as well as lightened up the rock on the left. Really like the new version. Thank you! This is why I love this forum :slight_smile: