Iris in the rain

It looks like raining harder than it really was due to focus stacking.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any critique or comments are highly welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: Yes Focus stacking

Canon EOSRP, Canon Macro 180mm, f3.5

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Really pretty. You can feel the nice refreshing rain falling on the lovely flowers. Refreshing. And it looks like a very good job on focus stacking as there was probably some movement of the flowers in the rain.

Wonderful! Excellent details and colors, with sharp flowers and soft BG.

The wet flowers look like they are having a conversation, or maybe commiserating about being caught out without an umbrella.

Superb shot, Naofumi. Just the wet Iris would have been an excellent image, but the rain drops is really nice. Very well done.

I love all those drops on the flowers. Do you use an umbrella when taking these photos?

Thank you all for your precious comments. Mike, I usually don’t use an umbrella unless it’s raining hard. But my camera isn’t waterproof, so I cover my camera with a towel or a shower cap for it not to become wet.

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The rain drops are a big plus to the wet iris petals. Unusual and captivating. Nice composition and colors, as well as dof.

Love the composition, colors, and the photo stacking is superb! Well done!

Nao. Beautiful image! You have all the ingredients to make it exceptional - bright colors of irises, oof background, water drops, rain and a great stack work.