Is this is my best side?

Green Heron at Ninigret NWR, Rhode Island. I was surprised to see this guy here, at a salt pond near the Atlantic Ocean. In the past I’d only seen them near fresh water ponds. Fortunately, he wasn’t too skittish and gave me a couple of looks before flying elsewhere.

Specific Feedback Requested

All suggestion and comments are welcomed and appreciated.

Technical Details

Sony RX10M4, ISO 100, f/4, 1/800, 390mm (35mm equiv.). The day was somewhat overcast which helped to keep glare off the water. Taken from my kayak, HH. About a 25% crop. Adjusted clarity, contrast, and dehaze.

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Great capture, Jim. These guys are pretty skittish and elusive up here in the Pacific Northwest.

Hi Jim
The head turn, framing and eye contact are very nice. I think you might try dropping the exposure and highlight some. this would help with coloring and detail on the back wing and the foreground.
It is nice to shot of Green Heron.

A good capture of this Green Heron, Jim! I agree with Peter that it appears overly bright and contrasted though. I think backing off slightly on both would make it appear more natural.

Thank you @David_Bostock , @Gary_Minish , and @peter for your thoughtful comments. I edited again based on your comments and was pleased with the improvements they made in the image.

That looks much more natural, Jim :+1:

Nice pose, species and title of your post :wink: … Agree with the others about the light, you may as well give the heron a bit more space, especially on the lower side of the image - depending on how much room you have left of course. From a kayak, that’s pretty impressive :slight_smile: ! Nice work, Hans

Thank you @Hans_Overduin for taking the time to review my photo. I agree, a little tight on the bottom.