It's not easy being green

I’ve posted this before but had to again for the challenge because I thought it would make a good puzzle.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

f/6.3, ISO 400, 1/500, 300mm

Is this a composite: No


Good look at the little fella and this would make a good challenging puzzle. An excellent entry for the challenge.

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Cute little guy and definitely a puzzle challenge. Nicely done, Vanessa.

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Definitely a sweet shot, Vanessa. Certainly a challenging puzzle. Think I start with those wonderful eyes and go from there.

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I love this puzzle challenge and would really enjoy doing this photo as a puzzle, especially if you don’t get a picture with the puzzle. (That’s my favorite kind of puzzle.) I can just imagine putting all of those green pieces together and then finding the frog in the middle. What a surprise!


Thanks @Harley_Goldman @David_Bostock @linda_mellor @Carol_Nichols for your kind comments. Glad it fits the bill for a puzzle! I never knew they had puzzles without the picture included! Not that I’m into puzzles anyway but if I were I’d be afraid to get one like that because maybe I wouldn’t like the picture! :slight_smile:

Vanessa, the green in green looks very good. It would be a challenging puzzle.

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