Bee in the Green

In the McDonald Dunn Forest there were a bunch of Hover-bees/flys , I’m not sure which, so I worked on trying to get in the action! I love watching them! It took awhile to get them in the right position to face me and not shoot right in the sun!

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400
ISO 3200
Square crop and had to try to get some of the noise out, and lowered contrast, adjusted blacks and whites and brought highlights up a bit.

Vanessa, that tiny, nicely sharp bee stands out here. Every once in a while, the weekly challenge is “small in the frame”, this would fit that theme very well also.

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Wow, Vanessa, you sure timed that little guy just right. Not sure how you were even able to get a focus on him. I keep trying to get one face on, maybe eventually.

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Thank you, @Mark_Seaver , so does that mean we are allowed to use an image again? @Shirley_Freeman I kind of think that sometimes a longer lens can work good for capturing even insects in flight. I know it’s not as detailed as a macro lens but from a distance it almost seems like you can watch and anticipate their moves better, if that makes sense. Thanks for your interest,always appreciated!

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