Prepare for Landing! & repost

I went hiking the other day and I couldn’t believe all the flowers and insects of all kinds! It was awesome. I was watching this bee and waiting for her to fly from one flower to another and got this shot.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything . I know this isn’t technically macro but I was on a trail and could only get so close to the flowers and such.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400
ISO 400
Cropped a lot! To 1676 square.

Vanessa, You accomplished what I have been trying for some time! I want to get a decent shot of a bee (or anything) in flight. Details are very nice in the face and eyes of the bee. It took the crop well. The wing position is really nice, and you have them showing motion. It looks like the light was harsh, so you might could tame down the flower and some on the bee by pulling the highlights back a little. I wish the stem was cutting across the image, but hey, you got the bee going for the flower. Nice job. I’ve been trying to do it with my flash, to stop motion, but the bees I have been aiming my lens at, are unpredictable, and I keep telling myself to just wait at one flower, he will go there eventually, and then I hear him buzzing somewhere else, and aim my camera, and miss him again. Patience!!! Great job!

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Hi @Shirley_Freeman ! Thanks for looking and your feedback! I’m glad you like it! I always have my camera on continuous focus so I can keep shooting and moving with the animal! Yeah, the piece of grass is a shame, but I guess that’s what being outside is about! :slight_smile: I did what you said with the highlights, what do you think?..

Vanessa, I think that improved it.

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Wonderful capture Vanessa. The focus and movement of the wings showing the flight did very well. The second update looks great. That happens with moving things so nothing can be done with the grass blade getting in the way. There is a way in Photoshop to remove it, but not sure if you have that. That said the focus is so good on the bee that my eye pretty much stays on her.

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Thank you, so much, @Dean_Salman! Yeah, I tried to get rid of the grass with Lightroom and another app I have on my iPad but it wouldn’t go away, so I thought what’s wrong with grass anyway!

Photoshop is the only thing I know that would work @Vanessa_Hill , now I know what you are using. Well done because LR for the IPAD is a little limited on what it can do. your photos are great.

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Thank you so much for thinking so! You give me hope! @Dean_Salman