Coming in for a landing - update 2

I was out again at the Tucson Botanical Gardens near a rich flower area that the bees enjoy. Still a little cold so did not see very many. I was mainly focusing on flying bees. I love how this bee has everything ready to go collecting pollen before getting the flower.

Specific Feedback Requested

I did crop some, would more be better.

Technical Details

R6m2 EF 100-400 ii at 400 1/3200 f/13 ISO 1000. I had the camera set at continuous shooting and saw her extend her togue or tube which was neat to watch.

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Bees are so wonderful to watch. I often stop at certain patches of flowers they like and just hang out to see what they’re doing. I like that aspect of your photo - as if I’m spying a little bit. Super sharpness and I love the landing gear down! Yeah, you could crop more I think - narrowing the view to only the yellow flower might be a way to achieve an environmental look, but also make the bee more prominent.

Thanks for the feedback, @Kris_Smith. I changed to a square crop and came in more to isolate the bee and the yellow flower. This seems to do better.

Yup, that works. Now, if you want to get fancy you could paint yellow onto the white flower or tone it down just a little. With the crop it becomes more prominent and competition for the bee. You can do this in Photoshop pretty easy if you use it.

Dean, I’m a little late. Meant to check out your photo closer and comment on it earlier today and my day got away from me. I do like your repost. I wish that one little white flower wasn’t there but maybe toning it down would help some. You really got him in a nice inflight position and he is nice and sharp. So glad that you are able to photograph bees. We are a couple of months away from that I suspect. Have fun and keep posting, I’m enjoying them.

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I made a few changes @Kris_Smith and @Shirley_Freeman. This does better to keep focus on the bee and yellow flower she landed on.


Wow, that is pretty great. All eyes on the girl of the moment.