Jackal with Cape Fur Seal + RP

A final (?) version with still more contrast and darker:

A tweak for more contrast:

The OP:

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The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I came across this one on another deleting binge in older folders, from Namibia. We were in a dune buggy when we spotted this guy and managed to get a couple of shots before he dragged it away.

Specific Feedback

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 12.57.36 PM

Not much done – it was very foggy so the light was nice.

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Diane, this is a fascinating shot. I just don’t think of jackals getting fur seals. They are amazing hunters. You’ve done a nice job with the lighting and the details all around.

I remember seeing this image, Diane - somewhere - and have always loved it and honestly been a bit envious of it, too! It’s such a rare thing to have seen this happening. The light was actually very nice for it - allowing so much detail to show in the jackal’s and the seal’s fur. What a moment!! Still great seeing this again.

Thanks, @Ed_Williams and @brenda_tharp! Brenda, you would likely have seen it judging competition for the local camera club. It was a stroke of luck and a very capable driver who knew the area and the odds.

Very nice natural history image and a rare one. I somehow feel that it needs some more contrast and you need to overall darken the image a touch.

Thanks, @JRajput! I think my treatment did suffer from the flat light. I’ve posed a version above with more contrast. Does that feel better? I mostly brought up the brights as the darks were feeling heavy. These older bodies had less dynamic range.

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Hi @Diane_Miller
I think repost is slightly better and you can further boost the contrast. I just tried a quick one, please see it you find it any


Thanks, @JRajput – opening the three versions side by side I see the difference and agree with you! I’ll open your version for reference and tweak again. I think I have a natural bias toward low contrast but that does limit impact and drama. Time to redo monitor calibration again, but I doubt that is the problem. It has always been very stable and I check a stepwedge every so often.

@JRajput – I’ve posted a rework above, and I do prefer the changes. Many thanks! And I’m embarrassed to say I also found some very clumsy cloning at the base. I had a tiny bit of the vehicle window in the frame and cloned it out. I was already closer than I wanted to be but had to work hurriedly with a fixed focal length and other people in the vehicle.

Yess, latest version is better ! :grinning:

Hello Diana, what a unique moment and a great shot of it too!
The last repost is very good. However, I think if you do it more carefully, you can prevent the highlights on the top from blowing out. I know it’s not by a lot, but once I see it, I just can’t unsee it anymore. What I do see, is an original shot I’m totally jealous of :wink: