Jasper Evergreens in winter

Jasper Evergreens in winter

Patterns of evergreens covered in snow from Jasper. Note this area has been hit by the mountain pine beetle as seen in the red trees in the upper portion of the frame.

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I like the diagonal lines of the trees up the slopes, Bryan, and the snow adds a lot to the effect.

Bryan, I don’t see any green here… :grinning: :wink: This is wild. It a huge field of evergreens totally covered with snow. The subtle lines sloping down from the upper right add well to the fun of viewing.

I’m with @Mark_Seaver, on this one Dean. I didn’t see any green either. This is amazing you’ve got acres and acres of pine trees and no green. However, I am enjoying the diagonal lines created from the snow on the trees. Having lived in Colorado I am very familiar with the “beetle kill” and can see it very clearly in the upper portion. Nicely seen and captured.

I like to have some fun with my photography so I took some liberties with the image of the evergreens in winter. Here’s a more recent image that I consider using instead. Pine tree and deciduous trees thawing in the sun after freezing rain and snow. We do get this type of weather occasionally but so far our winter has been fairly mild around the freezing mark.