Just Testing - "Open Ford, Says Me"

This is another one from the truck graveyard Which had this funky hood opener latch. In some ways it looks like an elephant from the hind end.

Technical Details

Composite: No
Nikon D810, 17-35 @17mm, f/13, /160, ISO 400

Just testing out all the new features in ACR to include the radial, linear and graduated filters, a Urban 3 preset, and in PS, multiple layer masks for TK dark and lights masks and a midtone mask for color enhancement. I am having fun.

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Nice one! I love old cars and trucks. Great that you have freedom to explore and experiment. I’ve happened on a few old homes and farms with stuff like this in them, but I’m always anxious someone will come throw me off the property, so I don’t linger much. I did though with someone who had a bunch of old vehicles on the side of the road with ancient For Sale signs on them. I figured I was safe to take as many photos as I wanted. I may revisit some with a few of the new presets and other things in the TK8 panels and play a little myself.

This does look remarkably like an elephant’s behind.

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Totally cool! I love the funky perspective and textures. I’m struck by how, as the eye moves up from the bottom of the frame, the colors slowly go to a soft mauve, and then the trees behind jump back to a similar palette of the lichen and other detail on the hood.

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