Juvenile Bald

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I was fortunate to snag some shots of this cool looking juvenile Bald Eagle. I used my D500, Nikon 200-500 lens, hand held, 1/2500th, f 7.1, 500mm, ISO 6400, cropped to 2584 x 2853, AI Clear.


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I like the pose and setting. Some noise from ISO 6400 does come through. I like how the branches frame the eagle, though I might remove the small twig in the LUC…

You were fortunate to capture this juvenile Bald Eagle, Dave. Anytime get to aim your lens at a Bald Eagle, I think it is wonderful. Love his pose, and the way the branches frame him.

I agree, Shirley. Eagles are way up high on my list of favorite birds to shoot. I am fortunate to have a nearby lake where Balds tend to live, and hang out. Yes!

Dave: I think this is a nice image with a pensive pose. Great look at the juvenile.

I believe there is a pretty strong green color cast most apparent on the main plumage of the eagle. I did a quick color adjustment to see and for me these colors are an improvement. See what you think.

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I’m thinking that helped it. thanks.

A nice shot of the eagle, Dave. It’s a pretty common pose when they’re sitting in the trees and the back-lighting is pretty nice. Details are good but the high ISO made it pretty noisy when viewing the large version.