Juvenile Hairy Woodpecker in my garden

Taken this morning as the sun was just breaking through the clouds. This follows the unconventional composition with the subject in the far right part of the frame. I was just a little late on getting to last week’s weekly challenge.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

ISO 1250, 200-600 at 600 mm, F8, 1000th, 50% of full frame, Sony A1

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I like the composition, and it’s a good look at this young bird. Nicely done.

I love the story you are telling here and the nice bokeh! I actually really like the bird looking out of the frame as it adds an air of mystery and wonder. I think we can get too stuck in taking shots “correctly” or according to the “rules” but what I see here is you followed your own instinct and the image seems to be saying that.

I like the composition, David. As usual, your bird is perfectly focused and exposed. I think you might want to bring down the brighter parts of the fence a bit if you can make it look natural. It tends to pull my eye a bit too strongly for my taste.