Juvenile Western Bluebird

The juveniles have joined the adults in our back yard now. I went out to see what might be available this morning and the adults and 4 youngsters came in and spent half an hour trying to convince me that they really needed more mealworms. We’re just putting them out twice a day so the youngsters learn to forage on their own, and they’re not happy about it. This one got the idea and was looking for bugs in the mown area.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
A7Riv, FE200-600 + 1.4 TC, hand held from the prone position, f/9, 1/640, iso 2500, manual exposure. Processed in LR & PS CC. Straightened and cropped, a few dark out-of-focus weed heads around the bird removed, minor adjustments to the bird to make it pop a bit more. Taken this morning at 7:36 AM under heavily overcast skies.

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The look this little fellow has is quite inquisitive, Dennis, as you suggested he might be asking for more mealworms. Love the expression, your perspective and the overcast lighting works very well in bring out the detail in bird. Great capture.

Wonderful shot telling a story. I love the fuffed up breast feathers. Reminds me of going thru the phase of teaching our kids how to hold their own bottles!

I’m wondering about the negative space, top and left, though, with nothing to balance the visual weight of the bird, especially on top. That, for me, overrules the point-of-thirds idea in many cases. Sometimes the point of 3/5 is better.

Always fun when the fledglings figure it out and start foraging on their own. Great expression on this youngster, good details, and the color all the way around is excellent. Nice work.

Dennis, this is a very nice shot of the young one. Our Bluebirds left the nest box with their babies without saying goodbye last week. Not sure how many they had, but saw them peaking out the hole a few times.

They are just so cute, and you captured that so well in this image. The details in the feathers is really nice, and that look he is giving you is precious. I love that you got down to eye level with him. Great shot.

Oh, wow, that’s adorable - never seen a young one - nice setting as well for the bird and the inquisitive look works really wel here! Well done !Hans

Hi Dennis
Your story fits the expression on the Bluebird. The head till and eye contact are the hight light of this photograph. As for the framing, I like the open space and breathing room.


Excellent color, pose and point of view.

Cute pose and excellent detail. I like the setting as well; pleasing background colors.