Kancamagus Color

Found this nice bit of color on the side of the road along the Kancamagus Highway, NH.

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This is a fine set of colors, Mike. The greens and the trunks set off the reds and yellows well.

I agree with Mark. THe color contrast here between the trunks and the leaves are gorgeous.

Really nice. The simplicity of the composition works really well. Nicely seen and captured.

The hard vertical lines of the tree trunks add rhythm and a nice contrast to the colorful mosiac of leaves. Well done.

I love the colors here. You New England people are fortunate. I like how the tree doesn’t fall out of the frame but into leaves at the very bottom. I also like the branch that drapes across the trunk.

A very simple, but effective composition Mike. I like how the it sort of creates the optical illusion that the bare branches of the left-most tree are what have the red leaves, you have to look close to see that they do not. I also like how the yellow leaves overlap with the main tree trunks, I think that makes the image more interesting, and it creates more of a sense of depth.

Michael, Beautiful fall color here and what a wonderful composition. Great contrast between the tree trunks and the autumn colors. Excellent!