All the Colors of Autumn

Autumn 2020 photo project, taken 10/9/20 at Quabbin Reservoir Massachusetts

What appealed to me about this scene was the combination of autumn colors. It’s almost as if the red and yellow trees were like paint being mixed together to produce orange below. It’s not often one finds all three colors so close together. So I couldn’t resist passing up this shot, even if it mostly just about color. The evergreen trees further to the left had some unappealing shapes, so I decided to use the yellow tree as a frame, rather than showing all of it.

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Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Canon 5DMKIV, Canon 70-200mm f4 lens plus 1.4X extender, at 280 mm, ISO 400, 1/3 sec at f11

Is this a composite? No

Original Post

Cropped per Adhika’s suggestion

I really like how the trees seem to grow out of the sea of mist. The color contrast with the conifers in the BG also makes them stand out.

I did not think about this until I scroll the page: what if the top of the image is cropped a little bit so both tree groups are of the same height. Their bases have similar color structure while their tops are different. I think it is quite an interesting alternative.

Interesting idea @Adhika_Lie , see the reworked crop posted back with the original. Is this what you had in mind ?

I actually also shot a horizontal version where I did compose the tops to be “even topped” like the rework you suggested for this vertical image.

A very nice collection of fall color Ed, you got the full range in one frame!

I also didn’t love the tops, particularly the bunch of leaves in the ULC, so I think Adhika’s crop suggestion works well. No other suggestions from me.

This is exactly what I have in mind, Ed, Beautiful!!

Beautiful mix of colors. When I first looked at it, something was bugging me but I could not quite grasp it. The crop totally does the trick to solve it and it looks great.

The crop makes this neater and less messy in appearance for sure. I love the color combos you were able to get in this scene but the soft layer of fog really helps with the mood of this image. The transition from soft on the bottom to contrasty at the top is really appealing to me. Terrific image Ed.

@Harley_Goldman @David_Haynes @Adhika_Lie @Craig_Moreau

Thank you all for your comments, looks like the crop is an unanimous recommendation. I do think it tightens things up a bit. I have horizontals of these trees (there is another yellow tree to the right), and in those I did crop the tops of the trees to make things more uniform. Not sure why I didn’t do that here initially, but the crop does help. Thanks…

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