The Hunt for Red October

Autumn 2020 photo project - taken 10/18/20 in Lincoln, Massachusetts

To me one of the most quintessential things about autumn in New England are Red Maple trees. They manage to stand out from the crowd, eclipsing their orange and yellow cousins. I am always on the lookout for them, and this fall found one of the most grand and stately Red Maples that I have ever seen. The view seen in this image is at least 30 feet across, and this is an extraction of only part of the tree. I liked how it seemed to float on a background of yellow and green. In real life this was one of the most impressive maples that I have ever seen. I don’t think my image fully conveys that impressiveness, but thought I would share it anyways.

Autumn has arrived
Crimson maples leafy show
Seasons grand ending

Specific Feedback Requested

Any critique or comments are welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5D MKIV, Canon 70-200mm f4 lens, at 155 mm, ISO 400, 0.6 sec at f16


Yoiks!! This image is practically a ringer for one I’m working on right now. You’ve used a landscape orientation whereas mine is portrait, but honestly, you’d swear they were of the same tree. I love the strong palette of colour - the reds, golds and greens and how it all hangs on the underlying structure of the trunk and branches. The abstract impressionistic feel is wonderfully executed. Well done

Thanks Kerry. Your recent post of the autumn tree abstract actually inspired me to post this one today. I probably should have said that up front. For all of my recent stuff, I’ve been posting autumn 2020 images in chronological order from late September through early November. After seeing your wonderful vertical tree abstract post, it led me to post this one from the next in line day in October that I was intending to use today anyways. I was just struck by how your orange tree was nicely floating on top of patches of white sky, and this image of mine was floating on patches of yellow maples in the background. They are somewhat similar, yet different shots.

No, I mean, I’m working on a shot that I haven’t shown yet, also of a red maple. And, of course, not the same by any means but one might think they were of the same tree.

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Gorgeous as gorgeous can be, Ed. I think the color rendering is amazing and the tonality is quite perfect. Two thoughts:

  • I am thinking the yellow on the far right of the frame is somewhat an eye magnet. Maybe a crop from the right?
  • Similar feeling with the green close to the lower right corner of the frame. Maybe a shift to a yellower hue?

Lovely fall color you guys are posting; I’m jealous of those red trees you get. We have Vine Maple when they are in the sun, but they are smaller trees and just don’t have the same effect.

One option to follow up on @Adhika_Lie’s comment would be to just tone down the yellow and green to let the red pop out a little more. To my eye it’s not better, just different:

@Kerry_Gordon @John_Williams @Adhika_Lie

Thank you for your comments, I appreciate the input on my image. Kerry, I look forward to seeing your version of red maple when you post it. John and Adhika, I’ll have to mess around with dialing back the green and yellow. I like how the green turned out in your rework John, but your changes in the yellows make them look a bit too muted for my taste. I may aim for something in between on the yellows,

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I love a good red maple decked out with it’s lush autumn coat of red and this one definitely falls in that category, Ed. For my tastes I like the reds and yellows in your post and the slightly subdued green in @John_Williams rework. Fall color does not get any better than this IMO. The red maple is definitely the star of the show, but the greens and yellows in the BG make for the perfect supporting cast.