Early Autumn Color

The Autumn 2020 Photo Project - 9/26/20 taken at Minuteman National Park, Massachusetts. I am posting my 2020 Autumn in New England images in chronological order.

I like shooting autumn foliage early in the season, in order to get a mix of green leaves with the fall colors. I think it tells a story which hints at the season that is about to unfold. This image was taken on a very foggy morning, which added a nice soft mood to the image.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any critique or comments are welcome

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Canon 5D MKIV, Canon 70-200mm F4 lens, at 200mm, ISO 400 4.0 sec at f13.


Awesome, Ed. Great painterly feel to this image. One of your best I think.

Thanks Mike, glad you liked it. Check out the recent B&W Lupine post by @Frank_Forward, you might recognize the location :grin:

Yes, Ed. I saw that and was just about to comment on it.

I quite like this one, Ed. Maybe burn down the high tones a bit in the LRC? No other suggestions, real fine take on autumn.

Ed, Kudos on this fog tinged intimate beauty. Your images have a visual signature for me that I really appreciate. Is the circular clump in the LRC intentionally part of the image or was it just there? I have no problem with it, just wondered.

Oh my! This is beautiful, Ed. Impressionistic. Delicate yet confident. I could look at this for hours. I think that cyan/green,/pink combination is what really does it. Great job, Ed.

@Michael_Lowe @Harley_Goldman @Larry_Greenbaum @Igor_Doncov thank you all for your comments, I do appreciate your thoughts. I was worried that this image might be a bit too simplistic and relying too much on color alone, but I’m glad to see others appreciate it as well.

The clump in the LRC is there intentionally. To me it is a two edged sword. On one hand it has the potential to be a distraction, but on the other hand it has a repetition / echo of the orange/green colors in the main tree. It is really there because this angle of view gave me the best positioning of of the tree limbs. It made the tree parallel to the camera, and the right branch exited the frame in a good way. If I had moved to the right and composed this to eliminate that clump, there were several problems. The tree would not look as nice, the background got even messier, and I would lose some of the background fog. So I thought including the clump was the lesser evil. I think Harley nails it when he suggests burning it down to lessen it distraction factor.

Really beautiful, Ed. I love the early autumn transition of the trees, and you captured a great mix of colors here, all anchored by the strong V of the trunks. I could see burning down or desaturating that LRC clump of color, but I have nothing else to critique. Nicely done.

Thanks, Ed. I understand.

This is a flat out gorgeous scene that is dripping with mood, Ed! The colors are gorgeous and I love the way the fog has softened the BG putting the focus on the transition of the seasons. The diagonals with the tree trunks adds some visual tension and helps balance the scene beautifully. This is one of those images that I find very soothing and relaxing. Great job on this.

Ed, this is a wonderful pastel color palette for me. The firm structure given by the branches anchores the composition aptly for my and at the same time leads me trough the image in an appealing way. Thanks for sharing.