Kenai River Wave & 2nd Repost

This is a slow exposure of a wave in the Kenai River in Alaska taken about 12 years ago. I reprocessed the image today utilizing new skills I’ve developed since this image was taken.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Any concerns about the color? The original is so saturated that I really had to cut back on the green. It might make a good black-and-white but with previous attempts, I have found that some of the detail in the wave splash is lost.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any other crops?

Any pertinent technical details:

Iso-200, 72 200 at 200 mm, F 18, 1/6, D2X, tripod, 85% full frame, Adobe camera raw 10.5, Topaz adjust, TK luminosity masks and TK sharpening at 1%

A repost with a little more cyan. I forgot to mention this was taken before sunrise…

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Super image David. you really nailed this shutter speed on this and the tight comp is perfect.

The colour is absolutely fine. I would tend personally toward a slightly more blue rendition in the areas where there is colour but I also find this one really pleasing.

The other thing which is normally a massive issue in images like this is highlight detail and I think you’ve nailed this. Details everywhere and it’s very bright where it needs to be.

Nice one!

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Really love how the smooth textures frame the breaking wave. I think a touch more cyan would be my preference.

I think this is a fine image. You caught the wave just right and the shutter works well for me.

Love this abstract shot. I prefer the 1st version - more neutral colors.

It just feels too green/cyan to me. Which I guess there is nothing wrong with, it would just come down to personal taste, unless you don’t want it to look green and it was unintentional. If it were mine I would tend to go with a more blue hue that feels more like the color of water which would make more sense and complement the subject matter instead of being noticeable and distracting.

Looks good to me. I think the people who say it is too green have never seen the Kenai River. It is a very bright, strong blue-green color. Personally, I think your image could be quite a bit brighter and more saturated, and that would be closer to the actual color of the river.
I really like the blur and brightness here. Nice one.

Thanks so much for your comment. I looked back at a 2006 processing of this image and redid it this morning. I also remember the Kenai River as being brighter blue green. So does this look a little more realistic. Yes, members in the landscape gallery generally prefer lower levels of saturation so the original post was appealing to them.

I like this even better.
Was this taken in bright light or in overcast conditions? I think it could be even a bit lighter than this. That river’s color is really unusual, but I remember driving the Cassiar Highway in Canada quite a few years ago, and many of the lakes along there had this same nearly turquoise color, from the glacial waters.

This was taken during sunrise before the sun hit the water. See another image of the Kenai River taken immediately before this one in the weekly challenge gallery.

That’s what appeals greatly to me. We have 14 paintings (and almost no photos) on our walls, all abstract, if that tells you anything about our tastes.

I didn’t comment on your first post, even as the a-word caught my attention. That’s because I felt it missed the mark.

Your subsequent processing changed all that. It’s a winner!

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After looking at that other picture that you mentioned, and seeing how dark it was, I agree that this image is appropriate to what the lighting was like. Bright light can brighten up the water even more, but for such an early morning image, this is just right.
I think this lighter version lessens the contrast, and helps to bring out the smoothness, and for me that makes it more abstract. Cool.