Kestrel Portrait

1/2000, f6.3, 600mm, iso400
Any comments appreciated.

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Very nice detail Dan. I may like this even better with a closer crop - head a shoulders type shot. A little more room for the kestrel to “look” into might be nice also if you have it. Nice capture.

Incredible detail, Dan. these birds are so skittish, I’m amazed you were able to get this kind of shot. My best attempts were from a blind and I wasn’t able to get it this close. I think I agree with Jay on his cropping suggestion.

Dennis, I can not crop anymore, this is about 30% of image.
The Kestrel was on one of the signposts at Ridgefield, I was in the car 10 feet away but they are small…
It was tame, let me drive up, roll down window and shoot.

Highly unusual, though there was one there earlier this year that was pretty cooperative-it might be the same one.

Great look at a Kestrel in the wild. Excellent detail and color.

A very nice head & shoulders portrait, Dan! Tons of detail (especially in the large version) and great color.