Blood on the beak

Wild DSC_5098nx Kestrel close-up.
1/1000, f7.1, iso100, 600mm
This is not a big crop, The Kestrel let me get within a few feet away in my car.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Is this that same Kestrel at Ridgefield, Dan? He posed for David and I when we were there Monday, though I didn’t have sense enough to zoom in for a close-up like this.

Superb detail throughout and the lighting is perfect to bring it out. Very well done.

Yeah, I’m sure this is the same Kestrel we saw Dennis. It has identical markings from the one in my photograph. Real nice portrait Dan with great lighting, detail and pose. Maybe you were there when we were there?

I took this yesterday, but I am sure it is the same one. It acts strange…I sat within feet and it sat for 10 minutes. I see young Redtails act like this, in fact there was one yesterday as well, but I have never seen a Kestrel act like this.
Also a Coyote, deer, and a lot of hawks. It was the most wildlife I have seen at Ridgefield in several years.
You and Dennis message me, I would love to meet you there when you come down.

Beautiful, sharp detail. I like your choice of comp/aspect ratio. We don’t get chances with closeups on Kestrels often. Or at least I haven’t. :slight_smile: