Kolob Dreams

Wonderful moody images @David_Kingham. The subject matter and processing work well together to create that mysterious and foreboding vibe you are going for. I like the opening image and how the theme with the diagonal light continues into image #2. It feels like the opening scene of a movie where you are zooming in on your main character. Maybe that is another way that you could try with your presentation. Zooming in and then back out to your last image. I would try cropping out more of the sky in images 5 and 8 to bring the top of the mountains closer to the edge to create even more tension and a slightly claustrophobic feeling. Alternate #1 with a tight crop on the top could work as a great bookend if you decided to go with the zoom format.

Hi David,

I am late to the game, but for what it is worth, when I first looked at the series of photos you posted, I felt like they either needed to be all with sky or all without sky. As I scrolled down, I found that you had already re-organized them in that way. Now that it has been done, each set is just as good and each give a different feel to the project.


I wanted to create a very mysterious, foreboding feeling, as if in a dream.

Late to this too!

That describes the intent, so that is important to begin.

Above my pay grade too but sharing my thoughts.

With that said, a few questions first, how many are you looking for in the overall Series? I am not familiar with the phrase Image suite Submission. I like the various viewpoints on this, but some seem similar. So I will give you my 2 cents. I hope to be worthy of a Lenswork project one day. :grinning: So, Congratulations on the trilogy. I applied but with competition like this… well let’s just say I will keep working on it. I love his project-by-project reviews on what stood out to the reviewers.

Anyhow, aesthetics is cohesive processing and visual appeal, and I love the contrast and the risk in that. Conceptual I would think about giving us a title to the series or the images to lead us down your message. Some Images are sticking all on their own (9, 12), and others are assisted by the whole. They need each other to support the story, the larger scenes with the more intimate scenes. the lonely tree is impactful in this series, especially when you see the grandness of the whole.

Strong Images for your intent 2 , 5 , 6, 8 , 9 , 11, 12 , Alt 1, alt 4 I think the sky in these is essential to the Dreamy feeling. Not to differ just sharing my thoughts. Oh and just a personal options I like the first versions of edits verse the dark ones. They offer enough drama that the viewer can determine if this is a good dream or a bad one. the darker ones set the mood. Just saying this is a great thread. I hope to get a project ready for critique.

I think the sky is important to the story but that is really your call as the artist this is your story of this experience. What do you want to give others through this project?