Lago Grey

As with many of us, I have been doing a bit of “archive diving” lately. This image was taken eight years ago, and back then my camera equipment was on par with my knowledge of photography; so not much…
The image was taken on Lago Grey at the end of hiking the amazing W Trail in Patagonia, SA, from a ferry in choppy waters. This was when I was still shooting JPG. I almost deleted the image (the color version is quite flat), but decided to give it a try in monochrome. Thoughts?

Specific Feedback Requested

All feedback welcomed. Curious: has anyone used the JPG converter in Topaz Labs?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D600, 1/320, f9.0, ISO 100, 28mm (as wide a lens as I had back then)


I like the concept of the image, certainly B&W allowed you to push contrast here to accentuate the iceberg. The composition is a bit unorthodox with the glacier blocking the mountains. But I think your processing of tonalities has allowed you to separate the the iceberg from the mountains, so the unusual composition works for me in this image.

I think the strong vignette works in the bottom half of the image, but is less successful for me in the top half of the image. In the bottom the dark water works, and i like the small bands of light on the water, in front of the iceberg and the shoreline. While this a subjective personal opinion, the vignette at the top feels too heavy to me. For example I don’t like how it bleeds down so much into the mountain on the left. The sky also looks darker on the left than it does on the right, I’d aim to make that more uniform.

Thank you, Ed. Appreciate the feedback. Agreed; the vignette is a little heavy on top.