Lake Elsinore, California Poppy Superbloom, 2019

What technical feedback would you like if any? How can this be improved? Sorry for posting the same image twice. still figuring out this system.

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Interested in any feedback. If you look closely, there are four people in upper right quad. Do they add or detract? I am interested in selling images like this. Thoughts?

Pertinent technical details or techniques: This image is almost straight from the camera. I think I removed some vignetting from the corners but didn’t adjust the color at all. WB was set to Sun. May have used a polarizer but I don’t remember.

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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I used to live in California, so I am a bit bias about poppies, especially fields of them. I love them. As for the people, if i was going to sell this image i would take them out, but that just me. Lovely photo Terry.

Very beautiful. And so over the top! Are those people tramping on the poppies? Yikes! I agree with Linda - if you’re going to sell photos like this, you’d probably want to clone out the people. You might also consider shooting them at other times of day (although I know they close up at night!), for a different perspective

Wow, what a gorgeous meadow of poppies in this location. The composition is good, I like the in-your-face view of the poppies. The colors are strong for impact, but not too strong. I like your processing of the sky color, it has a luminosity and saturation that looks natural for daylight. Overall this is a very pleasing image.

Here’s another vote to remove the people. They are too small to be a major element of the story of this image, and thus they are a minor distraction to me. If the people were closer to the photographer, and larger in the frame, then could play a role in a story. To be part of the story, it helps to be able to see their faces.

My only other suggestion would be to add some darker vignette around the frame edge to draw more attention to the center of the image.


Wow, I’d say this could be the definition of a super bloom! What a great expanse of poppies! The colors pop real nicely and just a wonderful balance of those colors with the orange, greens and the pretty blue sky too. You were blessed with complimentary clouds as well.

Other than the people, I can’t think any suggestions or have any nitpicks.


Thank you to all who commented on the image. It was certainly a great day, one that made me glad I am a photographer. I appreciate the feedback and more importantly, the reasoning behind it. Thanks again.