Land Otter - Spring Fling #8

A pair of Land Otters at the still mostly frozen swan pond near my home in May of this year. They played for an hour or so while I watched & photographed them and then mated (which I also have R-rated photos of :wink:).

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is appreciated.

Technical Details

Sony a6500, SEL200600G w/1.4X TC @ 840 mm, ISO-400, f/10.0, 1/3200, hand held.

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Oh how great is this? Their energy and playfulness is so engaging and fun. Mating aside, what a great experience for you. Having just had one fooling around in the water with me, I know how it feels. Special and rewarding. Like you’re the only one they would honor with this even if we know better. When is ice out for you up there, July? Lol. Just when I think northern Wisconsin winters are long.

Great setting and beautiful poses !
Is it a big crop ? I’m asking because I love the sharpness you normally get with your 200-600 mm, it is somehow not that crisp or is the critical focus on foreground ?

Thanks, Jagdeep. It is ~ a 30% crop but the real problem is that it focused on the snow in the foreground as you suggested. It wasn’t too bad and sharpening helped plus I liked those poses so I decided to post it anyway.

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