Lapis Lazuli

Little Sango Bay, Sutherland, Scotland

I am aware how incredibly over the top that these intense colours must appear but I want to assure you that this is how the Fuji velvia 50 transparency turned out and this is an excellent match for it. Of course great lighting and a highish viewpoint and a little bit of magic courtesy of a polarising filter with the optimum lighting angle for removing most of the reflected light played a huge part in the results. The bay is sublime the water turquoise and blue like a piece of lapis lazuli where white shell sand reflects direct overhead light back through the water.

Pentax 67 II, 45mm lens, Fujichrome Velvia
polariser, 0.3ND Reverse Grad, f/16 at 1 second.

Wow! The color of the water is something one would expect in South Pacific, but Scotland? This is nicely done, and the processing looks great.

Just curious, Ina but wat is causing the very dark areas in the water.

Hi Preston, they are large clusters of weed called bladderack, the weed attaches itself to submerged rock little air beads on the fronds cause them to float upwards and sway in the tidal currents creating a great home for a lot of marine life


Fantastic! Both the coastal seascape AND the processing - the colors are totally believable and are just gorgeous.

Nothing to suggest. Love this as presented.


Those are some pretty intense colors and yet they don’t feel contrived. I wonder if it’s all the processing that make modern landscapes often look contrived. Although I admit that when Velvia first appeared I thought it was garish as well.

There must be good fishing beneath those ‘bladderacks’. This made me research bladderack algae. You can eat it. It’s also an ingredient in beauty ointments. It’s even used in cancer research. Amazing.

Ian, I did not initially read the description and was assuming this was a scene from the Caribbean. Just beautiful colors and quite a scene for Scotland’s tourism council. No suggestions from me.

Well done!

This is stunning Ian. The colors are amazing.