Last Few Dew Drops

We have reached the end of the cold season, and dew has reduced a lot. Probably the last of the dew
Tried out a new comp, as this was seated among the dry grass, and the only approach was from the top…

6D2, 180 Tamron, 36mm EXT, ISO800, F10, 1/25

Balan Vinod

I like the composition of this, Balan. He still has quite a bit of dew on him. Nice details in the eyes. I think if this was mine, I would try toning down the yellowish stalk that he is on (right in front of him) as it seems to be drawing too much attention for my taste. I like the position of his wings. Very well done.

Balan, the combination of dew on the wings and great details in the eyes looks great. Your choice of composition also works well, I especially like how it’s angled. I agree that some burning-in of the perch would let the DF get even more attention.

Balan: Me three on toning down the brightness of the perch but everything else looks great. I like the comp and arrangement in teh frame and your DOF choice. Puzzled a bit about the stuff on the right eye. Superb capture. >=))>

Very nice image Balan! i like the BG color and your POF is just right. But yes, you could town down the perch a bit.