Laughing Rock aka "The Scream"

I found this rock right near my campsite in the Alabama Hills. I could just have easily named it “The Scream”, but that one has already been used. Added The Scream to the title. What the heck. :grin:

D810, 70-200mm

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Totally looks like “the scream” to me, Harley. Nice catch.

Yes, it could be “The Scream”, but it also looks like a giant nostril, :open_mouth: The textures and colors in all of the rocks are great, Harley.

Yes, The Scream! Good catch seeing this!

LOL…the first thing that hit me was The Scream!..Good one, Harley. This truly has that Alabama Hills multi colored rough granite detail throughout. Like many of these areas in the southwestern states the rock & boulder formations are the big draw for photogs. Excellent WC photo… :+1:

Very well seen and I see a boxer who got the worst of the last round (flattened nose) and is screaming in pain.