Launch of my website

On this Earth Day 2020, I’m hugely excited to announce the launch of my new website!

During my 20 years of creating images and selling my photography, I have never felt a closer connection to the natural world for making images that convey emotional themes of a personal, imaginative vision.

My audience is art buyers, art consultants, advertisers, media buyers, and collectors of fine images.

View the site on a large screen - the larger the better. The site is not optimized for the small screen.

I want to thank @Lon_Overacker, @George_Givens, and @Keith_Flood for providing valuable feedback and comments on the content, structure, and presentation of this initial rollout and for providing ideas for future upgrades.


Hi Matt,

Thanks for the print.

Stay Well,


“It is not doing the thing we like to do, but liking the thing we have to do, that makes life blessed.”


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Great photo! It seems a bit soft on my screen, perhaps some more sharpening would improve it.

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My favorite Colorado mountain range. My only nit is that in B&W the peak on the left merges with the black cloud. Possibly color might provide some separation?

I enjoyed your new website.

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Your site is looking great Matt, beautiful images as well!

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@Bill_Pelzmann, @Tony_Siciliano, @David_Kingham, Thank you for your kind words.

@George_Givens, glad you like the print!

Congratulation Matt on the official launch…looks great!

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Congrats on the launch Matt. All your work and dedication has paid off in simple, professional and clean look. I hope it serves you and potential customers well! Best of luck!


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Matt, I enjoyed going through your new website, it looks great. I especially like the theme of organizing galleries by emotional/subjective elements. I’m sure this was a lot of work for you to put together. But it is a great process to go through in terms making you think more critically about your images as a collection of themes rather than just as stand-alone images. This will help guide how you approach shooting new images as well. It provides more of a structure to your efforts, and this can be very productive.

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@Lon_Overacker, @Ed_McGuirk, Thank you both for reviewing my site and for your kind words. Yes, a lot of work goes into it as you well know.

But as William Neill has advocated in his column in Outdoor Photographer, thinking critically of our own work and developing themes to our portfolio has positive effects of both refining what we show in our portfolios and, as you directly mention Ed, guiding us in what we shoot. The process of putting this website together has had a great positive impact on what I shoot! I am no longer satisfied walking away from a shoot with typical landscape images since they have been done by everyone here and back. I am intent on creating very personal images reflecting my vision of the natural and built worlds.

However, since traditional images sell I still shoot them but have been unsure about how to present them and where to display them. They are just so different from the images on the site you reviewed. Same with my travel images. Keith Flood advised developing a site just for each of them. I thought that was a great recommendation - then they won’t conflict the message each portfolio is trying to send. That will take some work, but since I’ve gone through it, I now know what that takes.

Anyway, thanks again. If either of you are ever in Colorado please let me know. It would be great to get together or shoot together - I know some spots. And I would expect Lon would too, having lived here in Boulder.

Well done Matt! It looks great to me.