Leaves at the edge #3

Here is the last image in my mini series “Leaves at the edge”. The image is taken at my September vacation in Härjedalen, Sweden.

When I saw these leaves almost miraculously captured in this small water fall I just dropped everything a started to take pictures.

Here I discussed with myself if to delete the brown areas in the water or not. One possibility would be to make the water almost b&w and only havde brown/orange colors in the leaves. I finally decided to keep the brown colors in the water.

The two first images in this series could be found here:

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments are welcome!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
f/22, 0.17 sec., ISO 100, Olympus pancake lens 14-42 at 42 mm (84 mm equiv.), travel camera Olympus PEN E-P7, handheld


Ola, I like this image more than the previous. Focus on the water and leaves along with the water beautiful texture solely make this.

This is a very neat looking image Ola, I think it is by far the strongest image in this series. Not only does it portray the leaves in a more interesting way, it tells a better story about the overall environment of where these leaves trapped like this. And I love the way the water looks, very crisp and clean.

I think it was the right call to leave the rocks with a warm color, instead of de-saturating them. If you wanted to give the trapped leaves a bit more presence, you could try gently dodging them thru a lights luminosity mask.

Smashing! Simply smashing! And so I brought it into Photoshop for a tiny tweak. I hope you like it.

The line of the submerged leaves is really great - sinuous and so understated. So as Ed suggests, I hit them with a mask, but a color mask instead of a straight up luminosity mask then I output it to a Hue/Saturation layer and bumped both saturation and lightness a little. Then I added darks mask and output it to a burn layer and just took down the darks in the LRC just a little. :smiley:

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Wow, this is great. The sinuous line is perfect, and the way the water breaks as it flows over the leaves tells the story. I like Kris’ rework, with the leaves lighter.

This is beyond wonderful!! There is so much rhythm to the curves of the rocks and the water. I think the brownish cast in the water is fine as it echoes the rock and leaves. I love the tweak by @Kris_Smith to emphasize the leaves. I might play with a little more burning in the water just below the mini-waterfall, but subtly.

Love it. Very dramatic. Your settings for this one are spot one. Your re-work brings the whole thing up a notch. Moving water is such a treat to photograph. You could take a hundred shots and no two would be alike.

This is my favorite of your three images, Ola. I think I like it because it’s got a lot of movement and energy to it. You captured the water beautifully.

@Ed_McGuirk, @Kris_Smith, @Vanessa_Hill, @Diane_Miller, @Bonnie_Lampley, @Kerry_Gordon and @Mario_Cornacchione thanks for your kind comments.

Thanks for the advise, I will try to carry out this myself.

For me this is more of an abstract than an intimate. It really doesn’t feel like water. The composition of shapes and patterns is so strong that the leaves seem secondary. It’s definitely an interesting image with all those strong diagonals. There’s a sense of power here.

Ola I know that I am very late but I love this original photo and I wanted to tell you. I love both the images the original and the revisited, two different photos.

@Igor_Doncov and @Giuseppe_Guadagno thanks for your kind comments.