Lesser Kudu

These Antelope are found in North East Africa, and as their name implies look like small Kudus, They are however closer to Nyala.
Rarely seen by me and nearly always timid, finding a few who did not run was a novelty.
This male stood proudly.
200=400 mm F4 at 340 mm
F 5.6
ISO 1600

Beautiful animal, and I like how you got all the stripes on his back, and those colors on the back of his front legs. I didn’t realize that’s what their tails looked like, either.
Nice and sharp; this lets you see all the details. It could be cropped as a vertical image, too.

Hi Ken!

Is the Kudu tilted towards right or I’m seeing like that?
A cool looking back pose with great antlers and stripes n the body.
It may benefit from overall darkening the mid-tones.

Jagdeep Rajput

I agree with the comments made by Jagdeep. It feels like the image needs some cc rotation to the left. I also think a little darkening of the mid tones would help a little.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions, not sure about the rotation Ruaha is very bumpy

Nice to get one totally in the open. Nice light. I agree on the need for a little rotation, but that is easily fixed.

A very handsome antelope, Ken. With that pose, you might think about some kind of vertical crop.