Lifting Veil

I was shooting fall color in the Eastern Sierra but decided to detour up into the front range to catch sunrise after an overnight storm deposited a couple of inches of fresh snow. Appreciate any comments on composition and/or processing.

5DSR, 70-200 f/4 IS L @ 129mm, single exposure.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Awesome image Dave I love the light peaking through the clouds and shining on the peak. The only thing I might do differently is darken the mountain a bit more to bring out more of the details in the peak.

Beautiful light and scene. I experimented with a crop off the right side, but I think I prefer it as presented. The negative space works.

Beautiful image. I think you got the colors and tones right. It’s awesome yet not contrived. You could raise the shadows a tad without diminishing the power of the ‘window’.

Great image Dave. Like @Harley_Goldman I experimented witha crop of the right side to no avail. I’m wondering if you could snip the smallest bit off the left instead to bring the peak to the exact centre of the image.

Aside from that everything else looks in order. The only suggestion I’d have is to try and dodge/burn and add some extra detail and definition into the stormy clouds. Top stuff!

Nice capture. I agree with the others, my first impression was to crop some of the right side, but with a square comp, it feels too confined.

Beautiful image Dave. It must have been breath taking. I only wish the cloud on the right side was not as thick but let some hint of light through it.

Beautiful Dave - timing is everything and you caught a wonderful moment in time.

I think it’s composed and cropped as best it can be. Great job with the processing.