Monsoon Glow

Hi All,
I captured this image in the Sierra backcountry as the clouds from an afternoon thunderstorm began to break up at sunset. If you look carefully you can see a very faint rainbow arching in the upper left as a light mist was still falling. Will appreciate any input (e.g. composition) but primarily interested in comments on processing. Thanks

5DSR, 16-35 f/4 IS L @16mm, Single exposure with .75 GND

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Hi Dave. Really cool image. Looks like a sweet place. Re processing, I would say to concentrate on the sky in the upper left. It seems quite bright compared to other elements in the shot. Maybe bring the highlights down and try get some more definition in the clouds.

Just above the rocks and flowers in the foreground, there seems to be a bit of green glow in the water. To me it doesn’t look natural as it appears to reflect from the sky.

Hope that helps :blush:

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Great Image Dave, Looks like an amazing place. I would agree with Eugene about trying to get some more definition in the clouds. To me it also looks like there are some rays of sun beaming on to the mountains . I would try to accentuate them a bit more maybe by lightening them up a bit and adding a slight amount of yellow tint to them. With the composition I think you nailed it, nothing I would change there.

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Eugene, David, Thanks for the feedback.
Based on your comments, I’ve taken a stab at darkening the upper left sky and adding a bit more contrast in the clouds.

Very pretty scene, Dave. I don’t see the rainbow, but doesn’t matter to me as you have so much other good stuff in the frame. I think your techs and presentation look fine. And it’s interesting how the colorful vegetation tends to mimic the peaks. Was this by design, or maybe just subconscious(?)
EDIT: I see the green in the lake as Eugene mentioned. I’ve seen this phenomenon in the sky during approaching thunderstorms.

Nice shot Dave! I think the re-edit is better. My favorite part of this image is the dramatic light on the mountains (I have such unique taste, right?). Have you considered really darkening everything else to make for a moodier image? Just food for thought.

This is the laziest 3 minute burn job ever, but just to give you an idea:

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Thanks for taking time to illustrate, Brent. Food for thought and further tinkering…

I like Brent’s rework primarily because I thought the grass was too ‘in your face’. Brent’s color composition is more balanced.

I really like your image, but I think that Brent’s rework really makes your scene pop.

Thanks, Igor. Appreciate your insightful critique.

Thanks, Richard. Appreciate the input.

Nice light and scene. I would consider pulling the green cast out of the water and maybe cloning out the rock on the bottom edge. Otherwise, looks goo to my eye. Not one of your finest for me, but that is a high standard. Nice solid image to my eye.

My only comment has to do with a personal taste - I would pull down the blues in the clouds. I know that clouds are bluish, but for reasons that I can’t put my finger on I always try to take as much of that blue out of the clouds as I can. Sometimes maybe I go too far and I have to reconsider. But I emphasize, there is nothing “wrong” with your clouds, and my approach may be the “wrong one” - it is one of those pet peeves that I have no good reason for :slightly_frowning_face:

Great image!. I would try cropping out the rock in the lower foreground, just off center. It pulls my eye down.