Natural Balance

The High Sierra summer backpacking season has just come and gone and I can’t wait for the next season. I captured this image during the peak wildflower bloom in mid July. Appreciate any comments on processing and/or composition.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Another really nice one Dave. For a bluebird sky you sure came away with a pretty strong image. The feeling of symmetry in the composition here is very pleasing. I also like to see alpenglow that is just kissing the mountaintops like this, once it drops down lower it can sometimes be overpowering. The processing of the mountain, land and sky looks spot on to me. I would perhaps like to see the reflection of the blue sky with a little less luminosity, although the reflection of the mountain looks great.

Very nice, Dave. I think this works well. The light is wonderful. I agree with Ed about the blue in the reflection of the sky; it could be a bit darker. Compositionally, I am on the fence with main peak being centered, but you may not have had much choice. I like the swamp onion in the foreground, and the light mist over the lake adds a fine touch.

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I would deepen the whole reflection except for the red sunlit areas which look good…The flowers are beautiful.

This is a beauty, Dave. The foreground flowers work well at putting me right there enjoying the scene. The touch of mist and the spot lighting add some good extras.

Looks real nice to me! The plain sky does not detract at all in this one. Also, the centered peak works really well for me. Balances quite nicely with the other two peaks. Agree with the suggestions to darken the reflection, but really minor and only another tog would notice that.

Pretty fine shot indeed. re; comp. think i want to move the lens just a touch to the left but honestly, no one is ever gonna care outside of the people on this forum :wink: but thats why we’re here! Good job getting the tip of the mtn reflection just out of the grasses in the fg.


Boy I really like the color of that ‘swamp onion’. It’s kind of a bluish green color. I’m not sure about the effectiveness of the plant as a fg. It does mimic the mountain in shape. Perhaps if it didn’t trail out of the frame like that and had more of it in the right fg as well. On the positive side, that light blue against the darker green works really well.


This is outstanding! Igor is the only other that commented on this, but I’m amazed how perfectly the flowers mimic the peaks. I mean you couldn’t have manicured the scene any better (not suggesting you did… but you get it.)

I suppose you could do some tweaking with the balance of light as some have eluded to. If anything, I might just burn down the bottom half of the grass and bright flower/plant blades. Otherwise this is just wonderful.