Lighting snd perspective

![Lighting snd perspective]

This Swan came down the Back River straight at me and this is the fly by shot. The head on shot is next. Photograph on April 8,02021 at 7:06 AM.
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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 7Dll, Sigma 150-600mm, 374mm, F7.1, 1/2000, -.7EV, ISO 320, Full Frame. and 600mm, F7.1, 1/200, -.7EV, ISO320 cropped by 40%. I used a local brush in DxO PhotoLab 4 to sharpen the head in the head on shot.

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Both shots are quite effective but I have to say the first one with the warm marsh background stands out the most for me. Good job on the exposure, detail, and flight position.

Great opportunity, well taken. In the first, he’s giving you a great look, and you have gorgeous detail in the whites! The second makes me smile at the rather rotund figure.

Hi Peter, nice frames on both. That long neck really stands out on the first and he seems to be eyeing you. The brown background makes for a nice backdrop.

Very nice, Peter. I definitely prefer the side-on image. The other is cool, but with the length of that body, you just can’t get enough depth of field to make the bill nice and sharp.

Hi Peter,

I’m amazed that these birds can fly. The whites are perfect and I think that the first version shows up better than the second. But I do prefer the pose in the second…Jim

Nice encounter, Peter - I also prefer the side-view - it’s shows more of the characteristics of the bird ! Cheers, Hans