Lilly Pad Inferno

I spent four days at a primitive, lakeside campground. There was a small dock the went out a short distance. every sunset and sunrise I found myself on that dock, laying on my belly and enduring the assault of the ravenous mosquitoes. My final night there I was lucky enough to get this colorful show!

Specific Feedback Requested

Any constructive feedback is welcome

Technical Details

ISO 400 40mm f13 1/8 sec


Very beautiful indeed. Sorry about the bloodsuckers though. I’m not crazy about the 50/50 horizon and wish for more of the water and lilypads. You could have stood up and gotten that, lol. Nice clouds and silhouette of the treeline. Must be a peaceful place to camp.

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Thank you! I agree about the lily pads and water. I have a variety of shots like that as well. Most were shot at 17mm with the lilly pads leading towards the sunset. I think I favored this one because it was the moment the sky was the most dramatic. It was a very peaceful, quiet campground…but thoes mosquitoes uggghh :rofl:

Beautiful colours and I like all of the lily pads in the water as they add some nice interest to the 50:50 split. In fact, I like the lily pads so much that I’d like to see them more – for them to be more prominent in the image.

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I guess I’ve underestimated the power of the lily pad vrs a colorful sky! :grin: