I have been in this canyon four or five times and have tried to figure out a composition with the back wall. I always tried it from around the corner on the backside of the foreground formation and was never happy with the images. It is an amazing wall. I saw this composition on my latest trip. I am curious how it works for you, as I quite like it. Any thoughts, comments or suggestions are very welcome.

D850, 70-200mm


Love the textures and colors of the backwall, Harley. The diagonal of the foreground rock formation add a wonderful dynamic between the two. It is just gorgeous, IMHO. Very nicely seen and captured.

Harley, your angle of view from this point nails the scene IMO. I really like the image as presented with no changes for me…Excellent… :+1:

I love this composition. The foreground diagonal vs the background verticals, and the colors of the background, all make for a really beautiful image

…and wonderfu Lines they are. I love the stripes of the orange wall. The shape, different color, darker tone, and diagonal lines really set the foreground element off from the wall behind it.

Harley, this looks great to me. From a geology point-of-view, the vertical stripes are surprising (since everything starts out horizontal). Having the rear wall with it’s verticals catching the light emphasized that portion, which then contrasts well the angled shadowed area at the bottom. If you could get there, I wonder how a more abstract view that’s just the strong verticals would look.

All my other attempts alluded to in the post were of the verticals only. I tried on several different occasions and just could not find a comp that worked for me. To my eye, the sense of scale and depth provided by the foreground here works in this one.

I just love all of the textures, splotches, stripes, gouges, etc. on that rear wall. It looks more like wood than rock. I just love it. The color of the foreground rocks really help to set this image off. I’m really liking the the two dark blotches on the left edge on the rear wall. That is quite a wall. I shot a similar wall last time I was out but not this pretty and way more uniform in the stripes and rather boring compared to this image. I can see why you like this so much. Me too.

Harley: The different lines, textures and lighting make this an intriguing and very pleasing comp IMO. Really well seen and captured. Persistence pays! >=))>