Little Blue Heron

Seen displaying at a rookery in Louisiana.

Canon 7D2, 400mm f4 DO IS II, monopod
ISO 400, f6.3, 1/2500s

I thought about cropping this image even more but decided not to in order to maintain image quality.
Any comments appreciated.

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Great pose and surrounding environment. No nits or suggestions from me. If you really have a good imagination the stump looks like an alligator! Nice capture.

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It’s not often I get to see the plumage in full display on these little guys. We have a couple and sometimes more that hang out on the seawall of our Florida home, and they’re usually at their sleek best while intently peering and posing for fish.

Wow, Allen, this is a great shot. I have never seen a little Blue Heron with their plumage displayed like this. The details and color are perfectly spot on. And, like Patricia said, the that stump his perched on looks like an alligator, which adds even more to the shot. I wouldn’t change a thing.

That’s a great catch, Allen. Fine detail and a super BG to make the bird and perch stand out. I don’t remember ever seeing a Little Blue displaying, and certainly not THIS way. He must have had a tailwind. I have GOT get back to over to Acadiana soon!

Hi Bill,
I think you are right. There was a strong wind behind the bird but there were also other Little Blues at the rookery and I think this caused the bird to puff itself up some. There seemed to be territorial disputes going on.
Hope you can make it over there - we had a fun trip.

I love that display. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an image of this species displaying and it’s just great. Excellent perch and background as well. Very well done.

Bird is razor sharp. Love seeing those blown feathers and the displaying. Colors on the bird look great. The BG is a little busy for me, and I see some noise in it. I bet another round of NR would cure both.

Exceptional pose that I’ve never seen.
I agree the stump looks like an alligator!

Notwithstanding the windswept pose and the “alligator” perch, what make this image for me Allen is the separation you managed between the subject and the background-really isolates the bird beautifully. Very well captured.