Location not being saved

I have entered my location in my profile multiple times, but it never gets saved. I start entering Buena Vista and then select Buena Vista, CO from the list. I click the save button and it says it is saved, yet when I come back it is empty.

This should be fixed now, please give it another try.

David, I’ve been having the same problem and just re-tried it. My location appears in the first line when I type it in, and then some place, Upper Austria AT, appears in the second line by itself, and then it doesn’t save.

What is your location? I will give it a try and see if I can reproduce it.

Wellesley Hills, MA, USA

It worked for me now David. Thanks!


I was able to set it to Wellesley, MA for you. It’s pulling from mapquest which isn’t the greatest, I may look at other mapping provides.

Thanks David, you have been great at responding for help.

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I noticed that the location data is not showing up on the user cards even after I was able to enter it and save it. I helped another person get there info set up and it doesn’t show as well.

Good catch, I’ll look into this!

For now you can look at everyone’s location on this map