Where are you from?

Hey everyone, we want to get a better idea of where everyone is from, so please click the link below to add your location to your profile, and reply below if you like.

Add your location to your profile

When you add your location to your profile you are then visible on the user map so you can see who lives around you, which is great for planning meetups!

View the Users Map

Thank you to @Preston_Birdwell for starting this idea, I decided to start a new thread to really encourage use of the user map.


Cool feature! Thanks for the idea @Preston_Birdwell

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Great idea! The map works well.

So, where do I find the Users Map in the menus ?
I don’t see anything under the Community tab.

The map works well. Thanks,

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@Bill_Pelzmann from the hamburger/elipsis menu to the left of your account photo, select users - there are two tabs: list and map.

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Thanks, Colin. I would have never found it without your direction.