Map link in hambuger pull-down menu not working

When I registered for NPN over the weekend, I was able to see there were three other people in my city. Since then, I cannot see that at all. The map is stuck showing only a couple of places. When I select the map link from the hamburger pull-down menu near my account icon, it only shows two locations: one in New Hampshire and the other in Colorado. However, doing a search in this forum I saw a message from @David_Kingham from four years ago with the following link:

That link works like magic. Can it be placed on the hamburger menu perhaps?

Hi Egídio, thanks for mentioning this. I do see that link is not working! I’ll work on fixing that, or removing it. The best place to find the link is in the Community drop down in the top menu, then Member Map.

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Thanks so much for pointing that one out. As many times as I’ve looked at that pull-down, I never caught the member map option. :grinning: