Long and White

I drive past this farm with it’s well maintained white fences regularly and have stopped to photographic it several time. Our recent snow created an opportunity to match the white fence and buildings with white ground. I also liked having the warm golden color of the corn stalks to contrast all of the chilly white. This is 3 horizontal shots merged into a panorama. (5D3, 24-105 @ 50, 1/250 s, f/16, iso 400, tripod)

Very cool perspective and feeling of depth from it. Good take on rural America and the weekly challenge.

Excellent POV and leading lines. I like the crisp colors and the red barn at the end is quite nice.

I like this shot. It could be anywhere rural America and it shows a great view of “Flyover Country”. Folks don’t know the beauty of middle America until they drive it. Happy I didn’t have to pay for that fence ! Only minor nit is the power pole in the left 1/3 of the shot.

Now that is a fence! A perfect leading line to the farm buildings. The colors are wonderful, too.