Looking towards Siberia & Repost

Altai Mountains in Mongolia

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Lots of layered mountains in this image, David. It sure looks cold.

David, the layers in the mountains are show off very well by the snow. This does look cold.

Definitely would not want to be there David. I like the detail in the layers of the hills and mountains. The clouds add a nice touch to the feeling of the whole composition.

David: Brrr! I spent a year in Korea and this reminds me of the bone chilling winter. Marvelous scene of a place I suspect is rarely photographed. I like this as is but think it would be even better with about 50% of the FG cropped away to give more emphasis to the mountains and sky. >=))>

Here is an image with a slightly different crop and white balance manually adjusted to eliminate some of the blue and greenish casts. And yes, it is cold!