Mac and Windows Workflow


I have been curious about editing photos on a Mac while I travel and then transferring them to a Windows desktop to edit and store them for the long term. Has anyone done this or know if it is possible?


As long as you are using editing apps that are compatible with both Mac and Windows, and you use a file extension that is recognized by both operating systems, you should be fine.

Use PS or Lightroom for Mac and PS or Lightroom for Windows.
PSD, DNG, JPEG, compatible RAW files.

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If you save your files as .PSD or Tiffs, you should be able to open them with Photoshop in either OS platform.

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Forgot about TIFFs. Thanks.

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If you’re using Lightroom I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. It seems simple enough, but when I switched from Windows to Mac I had all sorts of problems with Lightroom even though I thought I had everything set up properly for the transition. If you use a non-catalog based workflow like Bridge/Photoshop you shouldn’t have any problems, but I think Lightroom would be a nightmare myself.

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Thanks for the information! It seems like the best move is to stick to my all windows workflow.

If you need an app for cataloging, labeling, keywording, I suggest taking a look at Photo Supreme from ID Imager. It is designed to be used on Windows and macOS platforms. The feature set for both platforms is identical. It is now at v5.

Here’s a link to the Photo Supreme forum, also.

I have been using it for a long time, and find it to be superior to Bridge.

It is certainly worth a look.