Windows color management

Hello everyone, I could use some help here.
Yesterday I was helping a work colleague calibrating her monitor, when I notice that if I open the same image with “photos” application or “Windows views” the result is totally different

“photo taken in bad light with Iphone”

This is just happens with TIFF files; by default Windows opens TIFF with “Photo View”

Has "photo View"application color management?
Has “photo” app color management?

Thanks in advance

While I am a Mac user, I believe the Photo View is not color managed. It looks like your Tiff file is using the Pro Photo profile, based on the title in the right window on your screen.

Since Photo View is not color managed it is not converting colors to the monitor profile so you’re getting blocked up shades due to the much wider gamut of the Pro Photo profile.

The following is a quote from an Adobe Community Forum:

"Color management is quite simple, and relies on two things:
– The image must have an embedded profile (known as the document profile), typically sRGB or Adobe RGB.
– The monitor profile must be correct and sound.

When you open an image in a color managed application, the colors are converted from the document profile to the monitor profile, which ensures that correct colors are displayed.

Applications without color management (like Windows Photos) do not do this conversion, send uncorrected colors to the monitor, and display wrong colors."

Hope this helps.


Good information, @David_Bostock. I thought we got over this sort of mess back about the turn of the century. There are a lot of things not to like about both systems but at least with Mac there is much more universal color management.