Macro flowers, hand held, f2.8

Here is another flower shot using my 100 mm macro lens, hand held, f2.8, narrow depth of field

Any comments and suggestions would be appreciated.


Sweet image, Tony. I’m unsure about the chopped off flower in the lower right, but it’s hard to avoid that in this kind of composition. The gold background (California poppies?) sets off the daisies in splendid fashion.

Hi Tony,

Looks pretty good on my smart phone. You could clone out the cutoff flower in the lower RH corner. Not a deal breaker. The transition from green to yellow in the BG is especially nice. The shallow DOF fits the scene very well. Awesome result…Jim

A very attractive, jolly image, Tony. Apart from that bottom R flower it works well without a strong point of focus - letting the eyes wander as they would before the scene itself. Nice choice of dof too.

What a lovely image, Tony. Love the yellow and white daisies against the greens and yellows. Very pleasing image.

Tony, this looks great, with the frame filled with flowers and some outstanding colors. With so many flowers in the frame, cutting off the one in the lower right fits the scene. Both the color changes and the sharpness changes work well.

Thanks for all of the comments. It is interesting how emotional attachment to a photo can cloud one’s vision. Many years ago this was one of my first flower photos that I really liked, and I had it made into cards and printed a copy that hung in our house for awhile. When I posted it I inadvertently posted a cropped version (5X7) used for the cards. Because of my emotional attachment I did not even notice the cut off flower in the bottom, which now bothers me a lot! I reworked the original RAW and came up with this. I did rearrange some pixels (the out of focus flower sitting on top of the flower on the bottom left).

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Great job on the repost, Tony. I love the changes and I can see why this has been a favorite.

Light, bright and airy… speaks of spring/summer The colors between flower and background are striking. You repost brings the image to the next level. Can see why this is one of your favorites.