Macro predation 2 shots

Found this Jagged Ambush Bug preying on a Common European Greenbottle Fly (as I’ve been removing invasive plants for natives in garden, I chuckled at the native bug eating an introduced fly) which made a great model for some shots, both handheld and on tripod/macro rail.
1st shot is 15 shot stack, 2nd shot is single shot

Specific Feedback Requested

Any thoughts or ideas

Technical Details

Both 1/100, f5.6 on FS, f11 for single shot. Used macro rail for FS, hand-held the flower to manipulate it for the single shot.
Basic exposure and curve adjustments in LR, heliconfocus for the 15 shot stack (1st good result I’ve had), sharpen AI, and cleanup in photoshop

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Ambush bugs are voracious. This is a pair of good looks at the “action”. The second one is quite striking., where if you have it, a bit more space on the bottom, right and top would be nice.

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Daniel, this is a nice couple of shots of nature. It kind of makes me feel sorry for the fly! Wonderful details in both. I like the second shot the best I think, as I can see the eyes of both better. I think @Mark_Seaver had a good idea, if you do have the space to do so. Nice shot.

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